Taken from: 9th August, 1958 Holland Class by Joel S. Goldsmith . Transcription: 8807 - Importance of the God Experience.

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. . . . . It isn’t an easy message to understand even if English were your native language. We have many in the United States and Canada and England who find it very, very difficult to grasp the meaning of this message, and breaking this barrier of the language can be even more difficult, except for one thing: that if you can catch the simplicity of the message, then language is no barrier, and even a very, very simple or very slight knowledge of the language will give you the entire secret.

The message is difficult not because of being complex. It is difficult because of its simplicity That is what makes the entire message of The Infinite Way difficult. It is its very simplicity. You see, it is not an involved teaching. There are not many principles or deep metaphysics to this message, on the contrary. We begin with probably the most simple thing to understand in all religion and that is this: There must be a God experience . In other words, religion is not of the mind; it is of the heart; it is of the soul. There are no deep principles in a true spiritual message. That is why Jesus Christ could say that we must come as little children not seeking the deep things, the mysterious things of life, but the simple things.

. . . . ...................... Well, you see then that none of this difficult. It is difficult to attain. It is difficult to bring to fruition. It isn't difficult to know what the principle of life is, that is just as simple as what I have said to you. But the attaining of it is a little more difficult. And not too difficult otherwise none of us would ever accomplish it. We accomplish it in this way: first of all we have Scripture to study. Not merely to read because it has been read in Churches now ever since the book was first printed 400 years ago. And reading it out of books is of very little value. Pondering it, meditating on individual statements, seeking out the hidden meaning, the inner meaning. This is really the Word. This is the bread of life. Through my own experience I learned that all of this becomes simple if we learn how to meditate.