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From: The Contemplative Life, page 20:

. . .in reading and studying The Infinite Way , however, you are in no sense bound to it. You are, at all times, a free spiritual agent, free to come to us or to any of our students who are active in the work, but just as free at any time not to come- always free to find your own way. . . . .You have no obligations; you have no embarrassments; and if The Infinite Way does not prove effective in your individual case, you are at liberty always to seek further until you do find the particular teaching which is yours. . . . . .You are under no obligation to me or to the message of The Infinite Way. There is nothing you can join, so there are no memberships or ties to dissolve. Come, enjoy, eat, drink, be satisfied, but let each one of us maintain his oneness with God. In such a way lies true freedom, true liberty, and the obligation each one has is to his Maker and not to any man. What a satisfying thing that is to remember. . . . .Day and night and night and day, I owe no man anything but to love him. My sole obligation is to love my God and my fellow man. There is no way of expressing the joy and the freedom this gives all of us; there is no way of explaining what takes place in the consciousness of an individual who knows that he is free in God.


(from: 1964 London Studio Class “The Unveiling of God in you”)

 . . because I and my Father are one and each one of us has recognized this. It is because my conscious oneness with God constitutes my oneness with you. And so you discover that there is no need for  a human tie or a human obligation or a human debt between us. Since I and my Father are one and all that the Father has is mine, I look entirely within myself for Gods Grace, And so my relationship with you is not one of expecting anything of you, wanting anything of you, desiring anything of you, but rather: out of the abundance of Gods Grace share with you that which has been given me. And so you discover that your relationship with all Infinite Way students is exactly the same. That you have the feeling that we are not with you to get anything from you or  of you; we are not with you to benefit from you; we come in the free association of love  to share with you .



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