Leo Meuffels

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Typeface for

Mecanorma - 1984






Typeface (1986/87) for

Mecanorma - 1988








The typeface Hotel was designed in the years 1986 and 1987.

It was a font family of three styles:

Hotel (the triline mothertype), Hotel Black (the solid type) and Hotel Out-Line (the open type).

Hotel, the mothertype, won the Mecanorma type design contest in 1988.

Mecanorma added the typeface (the mothertype only) to their library in the same year.

Some 15 years later while surfing the world wide web

Leo Meuffels came across a typeface called Dextor.

This was a copy of the typeface Hotel of which Meuffels wasn’t aware of.

It cost him a lot of effort to convince the publisher URW++

that Dextor was his design and his intellectual property.

Despite the fact that URW++ now gives credit to him for the design

he still considers the Dextor family to be a ripoff of his Hotel family.




New York 30



The same story applied to the typeface New York 30.

While surfing the world wide web in 2006 Leo Meuffels stumbled upon

a typeface called Nightlife which was based on his New York 30 type design.

This font by Canada Type was made without his consent so he considered it to be a ripoff.

Canada Type has discontinued the font Nightlife in 2007 for apparent reasons.






Digital fonts based on Hotel

Hotel MN

Dextor D

Dextor Small Caps D

Dextor Initials D

Dextor SB

Titanick Display NF



Delano Caps

Delano Initials


Digital fonts based on Hotel Black

Dextor Black D

Dextor Black Small Caps D

Dextor Black D Rounded

Rialto NF


Digital fonts based on Hotel Outline

Dextor Outline D

Dextor Only Shadow D


a_Dexter Outline

a_Dexter Outline Decor 3D

a_Dexter Outline Decor Deviated 3D

a_Dexter Outline Rough

a_Dexter Outline Spin Down

a_Dexter Outline Spin Up

a_Dexter Outline Cameo

a_Dexter Outline Cameo Spin Down

a_Dexter Outline Cameo Spin Up

a_Dexter Black & White

Delano Outline