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Room boxes
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Saddlebags for bike (own design)




                             Backpack Bird cage with 3 parakeets




    The exhaust hood above the stove





Fisher Price toy




 Baby bouncer


      Box toy









Christmastree and a homemade stall


Doll carriage for the little girl


      Fisher Price activity center




Wreath Christmas

Red Cradle made for the doll of the little girl


 Bathroom bucket




Napkins made in a stand




The pram was all black. I painted and reupholstered it



Our TV cabinet made in 1:12


Made LPs


A bed made for the little girl


             Cap with feather of felt
              Decorated the dog with hair 


Zeventies coffee table (from my parents) created

 Zeventies dinertable (from my parents) created

 Coffee table

Dolls by me dressed up





Sinterklaas, Zwarte Piet and Santa Claus



 KlukKluk   Pipo the clown Mamalou

 Dikke Deur 




Dolls 1970s


Mother, baby and daughter



Rock and Roll doll

Rock and Roll doll







Grandpa and Grandma's dressed (the jacket is not made by me)


This box has a son of mine found


And this is what I have created of this box

Found a cellphone cover with mini Lego


A base plate with cottage & garage there by created     


Small books

 and cars made             Puzzles



 Bought a barn and refurbishment



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