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Date Speaker Title
18–6-2018 Charlotte van't Westende Functional brain activity in extremely and very preterm born children at school-age
28–5-2018 Andreas Daffertshofer Coordination of motor function
14–5-2018 Gwenda Engels Cognition, pain and other non-motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease: a network perspective
7–5-2018 Robert Seymour Dysregulated local oscillatory connectivity of the visual system in autism spectrum disorder
9–4-2018 Edwin van Dellen Minimum spanning tree analysis of the human connectome
26-3-2018 Hisse Arnts Chronic disorders of consciousness and diminished motivation: increasing awareness, improving diagnosis, and exploring new treatments
19-3-2018 Menno Schoonheim Structural and functional brain changes related to cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis
12-2-2018 Loes Koelewijn MEG resting-state connectivity in Alzheimer’s disease, ageing, and young APOE-ɛ4 carriers
5—2-2018 Betty Tijms Lower grey matter connectivity values in the precuneus are associated with faster atrophy rates in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease
30—10-2017 Nicole van Klink Simultaneous MEG and EEG to detect ripples in patients with focal epilepsy
16—10-2017 Sophie Fitzsimmons Selection & Excellence with TMS: Exploring the relationship between baseline functional graph properties and response to inhibitory TMS in healthy subjects
4—9-2017 Simone van Montfort Resting state fMRI reveals network disintegration during delirium
9—10-2017 Cong Li Exploring new network properties to study the functional brain networks
10—7-2017 Willemiek Zweiphenning Increased Outgoing and Decreased Incoming Connections of Epileptogenic Tissue: a High Frequency Directed Network Approach
3—7-2017 Veronique Vael Quantitative EEG measures to predict neurological outcome in post anoxic coma patients after cardiac arrest: an application of machine learning
26—6-2017 Alessandra Griffa Mapping transient spatio-temporal networks from fMRI brain dynamics
19—6-2017 Iris Boeters MEG analysis in lesioned TLE patients, unsuccessful surgery and the default mode network
29—5-2017 Viktor Wottschel Supervised machine learning - a brief overview of methods and applications in neuroimaging
22—5-2017 Jolanda Derks Connectomic profile and clinical phenotype in newly diagnosed glioma patients
8—5-2017 Wei He Paediatric MEG: Developing Networks in Preschool Children
10—4-2017 Matteo Fraschini A comparison between scalp- and source-reconstructed EEG networks
27—3-2017 Hannelore van der Burgh Deep learning predictions of survival based on MRI in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
20—3-2017 Nicole van Klink Automatic detection and visualisation of MEG ripple oscillations in epilepsy
13—3-2017 Willem de Haan/ Rochelle Mey Neuronal hyperactivity in Alzheimer’s disease
6—3-2017 Thomas Kipf Deep Learning on Graphs with Graph Convolutional Networks
27—2-2017 Christian-G. Bénar Simultaneous MEG/SEEG recordings in epilepsy
20—2-2017 Tieme Janssen Evidence for maturational delay in ADHD? A functional network study at the EEG source level
6—2-2017 Natalia Goriounova Linking function and structure of human cortical neurons to cognition
30—1-2017 Kathleen Williams Evaluating the effects of transcranial alternating current stimulation on intrinsic BOLD activity
30—1-2017 Melanie Wilke and Mathias Bähr Misperceptions and performance fluctuations as a signature of Parkinson patients with hallucinations
23—1-2017 Anton Tokariev Functional connectivity in the neonatal brain
16—1-2017 Jil Meier and Marcus Märtens Brain Network Clustering with Information Flow Motifs

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