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Brain Network and Dynamics Journal Club

The Brain Network and Dynamics Journal club takes place every Thursday afternoon. We are presenting relevant papers, having educational sessions or discussing a chapter from a book. All who are interested in Brain network science are welcome to join this journal club. If you have suggestions on what you would like to see presented at one of the education sessions, send a mail.


Date Session Title Presenter
05-07-2018 Journal club Relationships between neuronal oscillatory amplitude and dynamic functional connectivity (Tewarie 2018) Discussion
12-07-2018 Journal club Ghost interactions in MEG/EEG source space: A note of caution on inter-areal coupling measures (Palva 2018) Discussion
19-07-2018 Journal club Reliability of static and dynamic network metrics in the resting-state: An MEG-beamformed connectivity analysis (Dimitriadis 2018) Discussion

Journal Article: history

Training: Internships

There are several possibilities for students from within the Netherlands and abroad to do internships at the Neurophysiology Department. Examples of past and current projects can be found here.

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