Equation of time

The equation of time is the difference between the mean sun and the actual sun in the sky. The equation of time can be used for sundials, to get a better estimate of the civil time.
This page is referred to from the TZworld page, a page with complete timezone information for all countries. On that page an example is given for correlating the equation of time to the local mean time (LMT).
The equation of time does not depend on the location on earth, but it does depend on the date and the year.

Method of calculation: the higher accuracy method was used, described in Astronomical algorithms, J. Meeus, 1st ed. 1991, Willmann-Bell. The position of the sun was calculated with the truncated VSOP87 series; the coefficients of Meeus' 2nd edition were used. The full nutation model from Meeus was used, also with coefficients from the 2nd edition. For the obliquity the model from Laskar, mentioned by Meeus, was used. Even the daily variation of the geocentric longitude of the Sun was accounted for, although it shouldn't make any difference if this is omitted. The equation of time was calculated for each day at 12 hours dynamical time, so without correction for time zone or deltaT.
The dates in the table are Gregorian calendar dates in the order month-day; the year 2008 is a leap year. Times are in minutes and seconds, sometimes negative.

These tables have by approximation a periodicity of 4 years, running along with the leap year rule of the Gregorian calendar. This means that within probably 1 or 2 seconds the table for 2008 can be used for 2012, the table for 2009 can be used for 2013, etcetera.
This idea will not hold forever though. See the table at the end.

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date 2007 2008
1-1-3m 26s-3m 18s-3m 40s-3m 32s-3m 25s
1-2-3m 54s-3m 47s-4m 8s-4m 0s-3m 53s
1-3-4m 21s-4m 15s-4m 36s-4m 28s-4m 21s
1-4-4m 49s-4m 42s-5m 3s-4m 55s-4m 49s
1-5-5m 16s-5m 10s-5m 30s-5m 22s-5m 16s
1-6-5m 42s-5m 37s-5m 56s-5m 48s-5m 42s
1-7-6m 8s-6m 3s-6m 22s-6m 14s-6m 9s
1-8-6m 34s-6m 29s-6m 47s-6m 40s-6m 34s
1-9-6m 59s-6m 54s-7m 12s-7m 5s-7m 0s
1-10-7m 24s-7m 19s-7m 36s-7m 29s-7m 24s
1-11-7m 48s-7m 43s-8m 0s-7m 53s-7m 48s
1-12-8m 11s-8m 7s-8m 23s-8m 17s-8m 12s
1-13-8m 34s-8m 30s-8m 46s-8m 40s-8m 35s
1-14-8m 57s-8m 53s-9m 7s-9m 2s-8m 57s
1-15-9m 18s-9m 14s-9m 29s-9m 23s-9m 18s
1-16-9m 39s-9m 36s-9m 49s-9m 44s-9m 39s
1-17-10m 0s-9m 56s-10m 9s-10m 4s-9m 59s
1-18-10m 19s-10m 16s-10m 28s-10m 24s-10m 19s
1-19-10m 38s-10m 35s-10m 47s-10m 42s-10m 37s
1-20-10m 56s-10m 53s-11m 4s-11m 0s-10m 55s
1-21-11m 14s-11m 10s-11m 21s-11m 17s-11m 13s
1-22-11m 30s-11m 27s-11m 38s-11m 34s-11m 29s
1-23-11m 46s-11m 43s-11m 53s-11m 49s-11m 45s
1-24-12m 1s-11m 58s-12m 8s-12m 4s-12m 0s
1-25-12m 16s-12m 12s-12m 22s-12m 18s-12m 14s
1-26-12m 29s-12m 26s-12m 35s-12m 31s-12m 27s
1-27-12m 42s-12m 39s-12m 47s-12m 44s-12m 40s
1-28-12m 54s-12m 51s-12m 59s-12m 55s-12m 52s
1-29-13m 4s-13m 2s-13m 10s-13m 6s-13m 3s
1-30-13m 15s-13m 12s-13m 19s-13m 16s-13m 13s
1-31-13m 24s-13m 22s-13m 28s-13m 25s-13m 23s

2-1-13m 32s-13m 31s-13m 37s-13m 33s-13m 31s
2-2-13m 40s-13m 39s-13m 44s-13m 41s-13m 39s
2-3-13m 47s-13m 46s-13m 51s-13m 47s-13m 46s
2-4-13m 53s-13m 52s-13m 56s-13m 53s-13m 52s
2-5-13m 58s-13m 58s-14m 1s-13m 58s-13m 58s
2-6-14m 3s-14m 3s-14m 5s-14m 3s-14m 2s
2-7-14m 6s-14m 7s-14m 8s-14m 6s-14m 6s
2-8-14m 9s-14m 10s-14m 11s-14m 9s-14m 9s
2-9-14m 11s-14m 12s-14m 13s-14m 11s-14m 11s
2-10-14m 13s-14m 14s-14m 13s-14m 12s-14m 13s
2-11-14m 13s-14m 15s-14m 13s-14m 12s-14m 13s
2-12-14m 13s-14m 15s-14m 13s-14m 12s-14m 13s
2-13-14m 12s-14m 14s-14m 11s-14m 11s-14m 12s
2-14-14m 11s-14m 13s-14m 9s-14m 9s-14m 10s
2-15-14m 8s-14m 10s-14m 6s-14m 7s-14m 8s
2-16-14m 5s-14m 7s-14m 3s-14m 3s-14m 4s
2-17-14m 1s-14m 4s-13m 59s-13m 59s-14m 0s
2-18-13m 57s-13m 59s-13m 54s-13m 55s-13m 56s
2-19-13m 52s-13m 54s-13m 48s-13m 49s-13m 50s
2-20-13m 46s-13m 48s-13m 42s-13m 43s-13m 44s
2-21-13m 39s-13m 42s-13m 35s-13m 36s-13m 38s
2-22-13m 32s-13m 34s-13m 28s-13m 29s-13m 30s
2-23-13m 24s-13m 27s-13m 19s-13m 21s-13m 22s
2-24-13m 16s-13m 18s-13m 11s-13m 12s-13m 14s
2-25-13m 7s-13m 9s-13m 1s-13m 3s-13m 5s
2-26-12m 57s-13m 0s-12m 52s-12m 53s-12m 55s
2-27-12m 47s-12m 50s-12m 41s-12m 43s-12m 45s
2-28-12m 36s-12m 39s-12m 30s-12m 32s-12m 34s
2-29 -12m 28s   

3-1-12m 25s-12m 16s-12m 19s-12m 20s-12m 23s
3-2-12m 13s-12m 4s-12m 7s-12m 8s-12m 11s
3-3-12m 0s-11m 51s-11m 54s-11m 56s-11m 59s
3-4-11m 47s-11m 38s-11m 41s-11m 43s-11m 46s
3-5-11m 34s-11m 25s-11m 28s-11m 29s-11m 33s
3-6-11m 20s-11m 11s-11m 14s-11m 16s-11m 20s
3-7-11m 6s-10m 57s-11m 0s-11m 1s-11m 6s
3-8-10m 52s-10m 42s-10m 45s-10m 47s-10m 51s
3-9-10m 37s-10m 27s-10m 30s-10m 32s-10m 37s
3-10-10m 22s-10m 11s-10m 14s-10m 17s-10m 21s
3-11-10m 6s-9m 56s-9m 59s-10m 1s-10m 6s
3-12-9m 50s-9m 40s-9m 42s-9m 45s-9m 50s
3-13-9m 34s-9m 23s-9m 26s-9m 29s-9m 34s
3-14-9m 18s-9m 7s-9m 9s-9m 13s-9m 18s
3-15-9m 1s-8m 50s-8m 53s-8m 56s-9m 1s
3-16-8m 44s-8m 33s-8m 36s-8m 39s-8m 44s
3-17-8m 27s-8m 15s-8m 18s-8m 22s-8m 27s
3-18-8m 10s-7m 58s-8m 1s-8m 5s-8m 9s
3-19-7m 53s-7m 40s-7m 43s-7m 47s-7m 52s
3-20-7m 35s-7m 22s-7m 26s-7m 30s-7m 34s
3-21-7m 17s-7m 4s-7m 8s-7m 12s-7m 16s
3-22-6m 59s-6m 46s-6m 50s-6m 54s-6m 58s
3-23-6m 42s-6m 28s-6m 32s-6m 36s-6m 40s
3-24-6m 24s-6m 10s-6m 14s-6m 18s-6m 22s
3-25-6m 5s-5m 52s-5m 56s-6m 0s-6m 4s
3-26-5m 47s-5m 34s-5m 38s-5m 42s-5m 46s
3-27-5m 29s-5m 15s-5m 20s-5m 23s-5m 28s
3-28-5m 11s-4m 57s-5m 2s-5m 5s-5m 10s
3-29-4m 53s-4m 39s-4m 44s-4m 47s-4m 52s
3-30-4m 35s-4m 21s-4m 26s-4m 29s-4m 34s
3-31-4m 17s-4m 3s-4m 8s-4m 11s-4m 16s

4-1-3m 59s-3m 45s-3m 50s-3m 53s-3m 58s
4-2-3m 41s-3m 28s-3m 32s-3m 35s-3m 40s
4-3-3m 23s-3m 10s-3m 14s-3m 17s-3m 23s
4-4-3m 5s-2m 53s-2m 57s-3m 0s-3m 5s
4-5-2m 48s-2m 36s-2m 40s-2m 43s-2m 48s
4-6-2m 31s-2m 19s-2m 22s-2m 25s-2m 31s
4-7-2m 14s-2m 2s-2m 6s-2m 8s-2m 14s
4-8-1m 57s-1m 45s-1m 49s-1m 52s-1m 57s
4-9-1m 40s-1m 29s-1m 32s-1m 35s-1m 41s
4-10-1m 24s-1m 13s-1m 16s-1m 19s-1m 24s
4-11-1m 8s0m -57s-1m 0s-1m 3s-1m 8s
4-120m -52s0m -42s0m -44s0m -48s0m -53s
4-130m -37s0m -27s0m -29s0m -32s0m -37s
4-140m -22s0m -12s0m -14s0m -18s0m -22s
4-150m -7s0m 3s0m 1s0m -3s0m -7s
4-160m 7s0m 17s0m 15s0m 11s0m 7s
4-170m 21s0m 31s0m 29s0m 25s0m 21s
4-180m 35s0m 44s0m 42s0m 39s0m 35s
4-190m 48s0m 57s0m 55s0m 52s0m 48s
4-201m 1s1m 10s1m 8s1m 4s1m 1s
4-211m 13s1m 22s1m 20s1m 17s1m 14s
4-221m 25s1m 34s1m 32s1m 29s1m 26s
4-231m 37s1m 45s1m 43s1m 40s1m 37s
4-241m 48s1m 56s1m 54s1m 51s1m 48s
4-251m 59s2m 6s2m 4s2m 2s1m 59s
4-262m 9s2m 16s2m 14s2m 12s2m 9s
4-272m 18s2m 26s2m 23s2m 21s2m 19s
4-282m 28s2m 34s2m 32s2m 30s2m 28s
4-292m 36s2m 43s2m 40s2m 39s2m 36s
4-302m 45s2m 50s2m 48s2m 47s2m 44s

5-12m 52s2m 58s2m 55s2m 55s2m 52s
5-22m 59s3m 4s3m 2s3m 2s2m 59s
5-33m 6s3m 10s3m 9s3m 8s3m 5s
5-43m 12s3m 16s3m 14s3m 14s3m 11s
5-53m 17s3m 21s3m 19s3m 19s3m 16s
5-63m 22s3m 25s3m 24s3m 24s3m 21s
5-73m 27s3m 29s3m 28s3m 28s3m 25s
5-83m 30s3m 32s3m 32s3m 31s3m 29s
5-93m 34s3m 35s3m 35s3m 34s3m 32s
5-103m 36s3m 37s3m 37s3m 37s3m 34s
5-113m 38s3m 38s3m 39s3m 39s3m 36s
5-123m 40s3m 39s3m 40s3m 40s3m 38s
5-133m 40s3m 40s3m 41s3m 40s3m 39s
5-143m 41s3m 40s3m 41s3m 40s3m 39s
5-153m 40s3m 39s3m 40s3m 40s3m 39s
5-163m 39s3m 38s3m 39s3m 39s3m 38s
5-173m 38s3m 36s3m 37s3m 37s3m 37s
5-183m 36s3m 34s3m 35s3m 35s3m 35s
5-193m 33s3m 31s3m 32s3m 32s3m 32s
5-203m 30s3m 28s3m 29s3m 29s3m 29s
5-213m 26s3m 24s3m 25s3m 25s3m 26s
5-223m 22s3m 19s3m 21s3m 21s3m 22s
5-233m 18s3m 14s3m 16s3m 16s3m 17s
5-243m 12s3m 9s3m 10s3m 11s3m 12s
5-253m 7s3m 3s3m 4s3m 5s3m 6s
5-263m 0s2m 56s2m 57s2m 59s3m 0s
5-272m 54s2m 49s2m 50s2m 52s2m 53s
5-282m 47s2m 42s2m 43s2m 45s2m 46s
5-292m 39s2m 34s2m 35s2m 37s2m 38s
5-302m 31s2m 25s2m 27s2m 29s2m 30s
5-312m 23s2m 17s2m 18s2m 21s2m 22s

6-12m 14s2m 7s2m 9s2m 12s2m 13s
6-22m 5s1m 58s2m 0s2m 2s2m 3s
6-31m 55s1m 48s1m 50s1m 53s1m 53s
6-41m 45s1m 37s1m 40s1m 43s1m 43s
6-51m 35s1m 27s1m 29s1m 32s1m 33s
6-61m 24s1m 16s1m 18s1m 21s1m 22s
6-71m 13s1m 4s1m 7s1m 10s1m 11s
6-81m 2s0m 53s0m 56s0m 59s1m 0s
6-90m 51s0m 41s0m 44s0m 47s0m 48s
6-100m 39s0m 29s0m 32s0m 35s0m 36s
6-110m 27s0m 17s0m 20s0m 23s0m 24s
6-120m 14s0m 4s0m 8s0m 10s0m 12s
6-130m 2s0m -8s0m -4s0m -2s0m 0s
6-140m -11s0m -21s0m -17s0m -15s0m -13s
6-150m -24s0m -34s0m -30s0m -28s0m -25s
6-160m -37s0m -46s0m -43s0m -41s0m -38s
6-170m -50s0m -59s0m -56s0m -54s0m -51s
6-18-1m 3s-1m 12s-1m 9s-1m 7s-1m 4s
6-19-1m 16s-1m 25s-1m 22s-1m 20s-1m 17s
6-20-1m 29s-1m 38s-1m 35s-1m 33s-1m 30s
6-21-1m 42s-1m 51s-1m 48s-1m 46s-1m 43s
6-22-1m 55s-2m 4s-2m 1s-1m 59s-1m 56s
6-23-2m 8s-2m 17s-2m 14s-2m 12s-2m 9s
6-24-2m 21s-2m 30s-2m 27s-2m 25s-2m 22s
6-25-2m 34s-2m 42s-2m 40s-2m 37s-2m 35s
6-26-2m 47s-2m 55s-2m 53s-2m 50s-2m 47s
6-27-2m 59s-3m 7s-3m 6s-3m 2s-3m 0s
6-28-3m 12s-3m 20s-3m 18s-3m 15s-3m 12s
6-29-3m 24s-3m 32s-3m 30s-3m 27s-3m 25s
6-30-3m 36s-3m 44s-3m 42s-3m 39s-3m 37s

7-1-3m 47s-3m 55s-3m 54s-3m 50s-3m 49s
7-2-3m 59s-4m 7s-4m 5s-4m 2s-4m 0s
7-3-4m 10s-4m 18s-4m 16s-4m 13s-4m 12s
7-4-4m 21s-4m 29s-4m 27s-4m 24s-4m 23s
7-5-4m 31s-4m 39s-4m 37s-4m 34s-4m 33s
7-6-4m 41s-4m 49s-4m 47s-4m 44s-4m 43s
7-7-4m 51s-4m 59s-4m 57s-4m 54s-4m 53s
7-8-5m 1s-5m 8s-5m 6s-5m 4s-5m 3s
7-9-5m 10s-5m 17s-5m 15s-5m 13s-5m 12s
7-10-5m 19s-5m 26s-5m 23s-5m 22s-5m 21s
7-11-5m 27s-5m 33s-5m 31s-5m 30s-5m 29s
7-12-5m 35s-5m 41s-5m 39s-5m 38s-5m 37s
7-13-5m 43s-5m 48s-5m 46s-5m 45s-5m 44s
7-14-5m 50s-5m 54s-5m 53s-5m 52s-5m 51s
7-15-5m 56s-6m 0s-5m 59s-5m 58s-5m 57s
7-16-6m 2s-6m 6s-6m 5s-6m 4s-6m 3s
7-17-6m 8s-6m 11s-6m 10s-6m 10s-6m 8s
7-18-6m 13s-6m 15s-6m 14s-6m 14s-6m 13s
7-19-6m 17s-6m 19s-6m 19s-6m 19s-6m 17s
7-20-6m 21s-6m 22s-6m 22s-6m 22s-6m 21s
7-21-6m 24s-6m 25s-6m 25s-6m 25s-6m 24s
7-22-6m 27s-6m 27s-6m 28s-6m 28s-6m 27s
7-23-6m 29s-6m 29s-6m 30s-6m 30s-6m 29s
7-24-6m 31s-6m 30s-6m 31s-6m 31s-6m 30s
7-25-6m 31s-6m 30s-6m 32s-6m 32s-6m 31s
7-26-6m 32s-6m 30s-6m 32s-6m 32s-6m 32s
7-27-6m 31s-6m 30s-6m 31s-6m 31s-6m 31s
7-28-6m 31s-6m 28s-6m 30s-6m 30s-6m 31s
7-29-6m 29s-6m 27s-6m 29s-6m 28s-6m 29s
7-30-6m 27s-6m 24s-6m 26s-6m 26s-6m 27s
7-31-6m 24s-6m 21s-6m 23s-6m 23s-6m 25s

8-1-6m 21s-6m 18s-6m 20s-6m 20s-6m 21s
8-2-6m 17s-6m 13s-6m 15s-6m 16s-6m 18s
8-3-6m 12s-6m 8s-6m 10s-6m 11s-6m 13s
8-4-6m 7s-6m 3s-6m 5s-6m 6s-6m 8s
8-5-6m 1s-5m 57s-5m 59s-6m 0s-6m 2s
8-6-5m 55s-5m 50s-5m 52s-5m 54s-5m 56s
8-7-5m 48s-5m 43s-5m 45s-5m 47s-5m 49s
8-8-5m 41s-5m 35s-5m 37s-5m 39s-5m 42s
8-9-5m 33s-5m 26s-5m 29s-5m 31s-5m 33s
8-10-5m 24s-5m 17s-5m 20s-5m 22s-5m 25s
8-11-5m 15s-5m 8s-5m 10s-5m 13s-5m 15s
8-12-5m 5s-4m 57s-5m 0s-5m 3s-5m 6s
8-13-4m 55s-4m 47s-4m 49s-4m 53s-4m 55s
8-14-4m 44s-4m 35s-4m 38s-4m 42s-4m 44s
8-15-4m 33s-4m 23s-4m 27s-4m 30s-4m 32s
8-16-4m 21s-4m 11s-4m 14s-4m 18s-4m 20s
8-17-4m 8s-3m 58s-4m 2s-4m 6s-4m 8s
8-18-3m 55s-3m 44s-3m 49s-3m 52s-3m 55s
8-19-3m 42s-3m 30s-3m 35s-3m 39s-3m 41s
8-20-3m 28s-3m 16s-3m 21s-3m 25s-3m 27s
8-21-3m 13s-3m 1s-3m 6s-3m 10s-3m 13s
8-22-2m 59s-2m 46s-2m 51s-2m 55s-2m 58s
8-23-2m 43s-2m 30s-2m 35s-2m 39s-2m 42s
8-24-2m 27s-2m 14s-2m 19s-2m 23s-2m 26s
8-25-2m 11s-1m 57s-2m 3s-2m 7s-2m 10s
8-26-1m 54s-1m 40s-1m 46s-1m 50s-1m 53s
8-27-1m 37s-1m 23s-1m 29s-1m 33s-1m 36s
8-28-1m 19s-1m 5s-1m 11s-1m 15s-1m 19s
8-29-1m 2s0m -47s0m -53s0m -57s-1m 1s
8-300m -43s0m -29s0m -35s0m -39s0m -43s
8-310m -25s0m -10s0m -16s0m -20s0m -25s

9-10m -6s0m 9s0m 3s0m -1s0m -6s
9-20m 13s0m 28s0m 22s0m 18s0m 13s
9-30m 33s0m 47s0m 42s0m 37s0m 32s
9-40m 52s1m 7s1m 1s0m 57s0m 52s
9-51m 12s1m 27s1m 22s1m 17s1m 12s
9-61m 32s1m 48s1m 42s1m 37s1m 32s
9-71m 53s2m 8s2m 2s1m 57s1m 53s
9-82m 13s2m 29s2m 23s2m 18s2m 13s
9-92m 34s2m 50s2m 44s2m 39s2m 34s
9-102m 55s3m 11s3m 5s2m 59s2m 55s
9-113m 16s3m 32s3m 26s3m 20s3m 16s
9-123m 37s3m 53s3m 47s3m 41s3m 37s
9-133m 58s4m 14s4m 8s4m 3s3m 59s
9-144m 19s4m 36s4m 30s4m 24s4m 20s
9-154m 40s4m 57s4m 51s4m 45s4m 41s
9-165m 2s5m 19s5m 12s5m 7s5m 3s
9-175m 23s5m 40s5m 34s5m 28s5m 24s
9-185m 45s6m 2s5m 55s5m 50s5m 46s
9-196m 6s6m 23s6m 16s6m 11s6m 7s
9-206m 27s6m 45s6m 38s6m 32s6m 29s
9-216m 49s7m 6s6m 59s6m 54s6m 50s
9-227m 10s7m 27s7m 20s7m 15s7m 11s
9-237m 31s7m 48s7m 41s7m 36s7m 32s
9-247m 52s8m 9s8m 2s7m 57s7m 53s
9-258m 13s8m 30s8m 23s8m 18s8m 14s
9-268m 34s8m 50s8m 43s8m 39s8m 35s
9-278m 55s9m 10s9m 4s8m 59s8m 55s
9-289m 15s9m 30s9m 24s9m 20s9m 15s
9-299m 35s9m 50s9m 44s9m 40s9m 35s
9-309m 55s10m 10s10m 4s10m 0s9m 55s

10-110m 15s10m 29s10m 23s10m 19s10m 14s
10-210m 34s10m 48s10m 42s10m 38s10m 34s
10-310m 53s11m 7s11m 1s10m 57s10m 53s
10-411m 12s11m 25s11m 20s11m 16s11m 11s
10-511m 30s11m 43s11m 38s11m 34s11m 29s
10-611m 48s12m 1s11m 56s11m 51s11m 47s
10-712m 5s12m 18s12m 13s12m 9s12m 5s
10-812m 22s12m 35s12m 30s12m 26s12m 22s
10-912m 39s12m 51s12m 47s12m 42s12m 39s
10-1012m 55s13m 7s13m 3s12m 58s12m 55s
10-1113m 11s13m 23s13m 18s13m 14s13m 11s
10-1213m 26s13m 38s13m 33s13m 29s13m 27s
10-1313m 41s13m 52s13m 48s13m 44s13m 41s
10-1413m 55s14m 6s14m 2s13m 58s13m 56s
10-1514m 9s14m 20s14m 15s14m 12s14m 10s
10-1614m 22s14m 32s14m 28s14m 25s14m 23s
10-1714m 35s14m 45s14m 40s14m 37s14m 36s
10-1814m 47s14m 56s14m 52s14m 49s14m 48s
10-1914m 58s15m 7s15m 3s15m 0s14m 59s
10-2015m 9s15m 18s15m 13s15m 11s15m 10s
10-2115m 19s15m 27s15m 23s15m 21s15m 20s
10-2215m 29s15m 36s15m 32s15m 31s15m 29s
10-2315m 38s15m 45s15m 41s15m 39s15m 38s
10-2415m 46s15m 52s15m 49s15m 47s15m 46s
10-2515m 53s15m 59s15m 56s15m 55s15m 54s
10-2616m 0s16m 5s16m 2s16m 1s16m 0s
10-2716m 6s16m 11s16m 8s16m 7s16m 6s
10-2816m 12s16m 15s16m 13s16m 12s16m 11s
10-2916m 16s16m 19s16m 17s16m 17s16m 16s
10-3016m 20s16m 22s16m 20s16m 20s16m 19s
10-3116m 23s16m 24s16m 23s16m 23s16m 22s

11-116m 25s16m 26s16m 25s16m 25s16m 24s
11-216m 26s16m 27s16m 26s16m 26s16m 26s
11-316m 27s16m 27s16m 26s16m 26s16m 26s
11-416m 27s16m 26s16m 25s16m 26s16m 26s
11-516m 26s16m 24s16m 24s16m 24s16m 25s
11-616m 24s16m 21s16m 22s16m 22s16m 23s
11-716m 21s16m 18s16m 19s16m 19s16m 20s
11-816m 17s16m 14s16m 15s16m 15s16m 17s
11-916m 13s16m 9s16m 10s16m 10s16m 12s
11-1016m 7s16m 3s16m 4s16m 5s16m 7s
11-1116m 1s15m 56s15m 58s15m 59s16m 1s
11-1215m 54s15m 49s15m 50s15m 51s15m 54s
11-1315m 46s15m 41s15m 42s15m 43s15m 47s
11-1415m 37s15m 31s15m 33s15m 34s15m 38s
11-1515m 28s15m 21s15m 23s15m 25s15m 29s
11-1615m 17s15m 10s15m 12s15m 14s15m 18s
11-1715m 6s14m 59s15m 0s15m 3s15m 7s
11-1814m 54s14m 46s14m 48s14m 51s14m 55s
11-1914m 41s14m 33s14m 34s14m 38s14m 42s
11-2014m 28s14m 18s14m 20s14m 24s14m 28s
11-2114m 13s14m 3s14m 5s14m 9s14m 14s
11-2213m 58s13m 47s13m 49s13m 54s13m 59s
11-2313m 42s13m 30s13m 33s13m 38s13m 42s
11-2413m 25s13m 13s13m 16s13m 21s13m 25s
11-2513m 8s12m 55s12m 58s13m 3s13m 8s
11-2612m 49s12m 36s12m 39s12m 44s12m 49s
11-2712m 30s12m 16s12m 19s12m 25s12m 30s
11-2812m 10s11m 55s11m 59s12m 5s12m 10s
11-2911m 50s11m 34s11m 38s11m 44s11m 49s
11-3011m 29s11m 12s11m 17s11m 23s11m 28s

12-111m 7s10m 50s10m 55s11m 1s11m 6s
12-210m 44s10m 27s10m 32s10m 38s10m 43s
12-310m 21s10m 3s10m 9s10m 15s10m 20s
12-49m 57s9m 39s9m 45s9m 51s9m 56s
12-59m 33s9m 14s9m 20s9m 26s9m 32s
12-69m 8s8m 48s8m 55s9m 1s9m 7s
12-78m 42s8m 23s8m 29s8m 35s8m 42s
12-88m 16s7m 56s8m 3s8m 9s8m 16s
12-97m 49s7m 29s7m 36s7m 42s7m 49s
12-107m 22s7m 2s7m 9s7m 15s7m 23s
12-116m 55s6m 35s6m 42s6m 48s6m 55s
12-126m 27s6m 7s6m 14s6m 20s6m 28s
12-135m 59s5m 39s5m 46s5m 52s6m 0s
12-145m 30s5m 10s5m 17s5m 23s5m 31s
12-155m 2s4m 41s4m 48s4m 55s5m 3s
12-164m 33s4m 12s4m 19s4m 26s4m 34s
12-174m 3s3m 43s3m 49s3m 56s4m 5s
12-183m 34s3m 13s3m 20s3m 27s3m 35s
12-193m 4s2m 44s2m 50s2m 58s3m 6s
12-202m 35s2m 14s2m 20s2m 28s2m 36s
12-212m 5s1m 44s1m 51s1m 58s2m 6s
12-221m 35s1m 14s1m 21s1m 29s1m 36s
12-231m 6s0m 44s0m 51s0m 59s1m 6s
12-240m 36s0m 14s0m 21s0m 29s0m 36s
12-250m 6s0m -15s0m -9s0m -1s0m 6s
12-260m -24s0m -45s0m -38s0m -30s0m -23s
12-270m -53s-1m 15s-1m 8s-1m 0s0m -53s
12-28-1m 23s-1m 44s-1m 37s-1m 29s-1m 23s
12-29-1m 52s-2m 14s-2m 6s-1m 58s-1m 52s
12-30-2m 21s-2m 43s-2m 35s-2m 27s-2m 21s
12-31-2m 50s-3m 11s-3m 4s-2m 56s-2m 50s

The following table demonstrates how the equation of time slowly changes in time, but still with a periodicity of 4 years, being the periodicity of the leap years in the Gregorian calendar.

1948-1-1-3m 14.1s1949-1-27-12m 51.0s1950-4-150m -9.0s1951-10-711m 57.0s
1952-1-1-3m 14.7s1953-1-27-12m 49.9s1954-4-150m -7.5s1955-10-711m 58.3s
1956-1-1-3m 14.1s1957-1-27-12m 49.8s1958-4-150m -7.9s1959-10-711m 58.2s
1960-1-1-3m 16.2s1961-1-27-12m 50.2s1962-4-150m -8.2s1963-10-711m 59.3s
1964-1-1-3m 14.1s1965-1-27-12m 48.8s1966-4-150m -6.1s1967-10-711m 59.0s
1968-1-1-3m 15.8s1969-1-27-12m 49.7s1970-4-150m -6.7s1971-10-712m 1.0s
1972-1-1-3m 15.9s1973-1-27-12m 49.4s1974-4-150m -6.7s1975-10-712m 0.0s
1976-1-1-3m 16.0s1977-1-27-12m 48.7s1978-4-150m -5.4s1979-10-712m 1.0s
1980-1-1-3m 16.0s1981-1-27-12m 48.3s1982-4-150m -5.1s1983-10-712m 2.1s
1984-1-1-3m 17.0s1985-1-27-12m 49.0s1986-4-150m -5.8s1987-10-712m 2.4s
1988-1-1-3m 16.4s1989-1-27-12m 47.8s1990-4-150m -4.1s1991-10-712m 2.1s
1992-1-1-3m 17.3s1993-1-27-12m 48.5s1994-4-150m -4.4s1995-10-712m 3.5s
1996-1-1-3m 18.0s1997-1-27-12m 47.8s1998-4-150m -4.5s1999-10-712m 3.9s
2000-1-1-3m 16.9s2001-1-27-12m 47.2s2002-4-150m -3.0s2003-10-712m 3.9s
2004-1-1-3m 17.8s2005-1-27-12m 47.6s2006-4-150m -3.3s2007-10-712m 5.3s
2008-1-1-3m 18.4s2009-1-27-12m 47.3s2010-4-150m -3.0s2011-10-712m 5.0s
2012-1-1-3m 18.5s2013-1-27-12m 46.9s2014-4-150m -2.1s2015-10-712m 6.0s
2016-1-1-3m 18.4s2017-1-27-12m 46.5s2018-4-150m -2.0s2019-10-712m 6.6s
2020-1-1-3m 19.1s2021-1-27-12m 46.8s2022-4-150m -2.6s2023-10-712m 7.0s
2024-1-1-3m 18.7s2025-1-27-12m 45.8s2026-4-150m -0.2s2027-10-712m 6.7s
2028-1-1-3m 20.0s2029-1-27-12m 47.0s2030-4-150m -1.6s2031-10-712m 8.8s
2032-1-1-3m 19.9s2033-1-27-12m 45.3s2034-4-150m -0.6s2035-10-712m 8.0s
2036-1-1-3m 19.5s2037-1-27-12m 45.8s2038-4-150m -0.3s2039-10-712m 8.7s
2040-1-1-3m 20.4s2041-1-27-12m 45.2s2042-4-150m 0.9s2043-10-712m 9.7s
2044-1-1-3m 20.7s2045-1-27-12m 46.0s2046-4-150m -0.4s2047-10-712m 10.3s
2048-1-1-3m 20.9s2049-1-27-12m 44.2s2050-4-150m 1.8s2051-10-712m 9.9s
2052-1-1-3m 21.0s2053-1-27-12m 45.7s2054-4-150m 0.2s2055-10-712m 11.2s
2056-1-1-3m 21.6s2057-1-27-12m 43.6s2058-4-150m 2.2s2059-10-712m 11.4s
2060-1-1-3m 21.0s2061-1-27-12m 44.9s2062-4-150m 1.8s2063-10-712m 11.8s

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