Time zone calculator

With this calculator you can figure out what time it is 'over there', given your own time, zone time and amount of daylight saving time (DST), and his/hers zone time and DST.

My time (h [m] [s]):
My zone time (h [m] [s]):
My DST offset (h [m] [s]): 0:00 0:30 1:00
His zone time (h [m] [s]):
His DST offset (h [m] [s]): 0:00 0:30 1:00

His time: day:
Other way around time:

Time has to be entered as hours minutes seconds in 24-hour format. The script tries its best to understand various inputs, so 8 is OK, 08:00:00 works, 8h 3m 16s works, etcetera. Zone time can be chosen from a menu or typed into the input field. Zones east of the 0-meridian have a positive value, west negative.
DST offset can be chosen from the radio buttons or typed into the input field. Usually winter time / standard time has an offset of 0, summer time / DST an offset of 1.
Please note that on calculation only the values in the input fields are used, not the settings of the menus or radio buttons.

What is "the other way around time?"
Suppose you want to contact another person at his local time 10 o'clock. What is my time then? Enter 10 as 'my time' and set the correct time zone information. After calculation 'His time' is his local time when it is 10h over here. The 'other way around' time shows on what time over here it will be 10h over there.

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Small print
You receive this application as is. No guarantees are given for the correct functioning, the usability or the correctness of the produced data. Should you plan important meetings or rituals, based on the data produced with this application, chances are that you will get into some serious problems. You as user will have to take the full risk of using this application.
Naturally, we have done our best to construct an application with a minimal amount of errors. Please report errors to the address you can build from:
ovv (at) hetnet.nl

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