The IANA TZ database gives information about all timezones in the world for nearly all times. The TZworld page on this site is only a subset of the TZ information. All countries are covered, but only for current times.

Some countries are so large that they have more than one timezone. The Multizones page gives detailed information about all these zones.

The TZ database has a table with the name zone.tab. All zones are listed with their names and latitude/longitude information. A problem with the TZ database is that all timezones have a name, derived from the largest city in each zone. The ZonetabAlt page gives alternative names, derived from country and region names. This page also contains all LMTs (local mean times), calculated from the longitudes.

The pages WhatDay and WhatTime are simple calculators. WhatDay can calculate the actual calendar day of something like the last Friday of a month, the second Sunday of a month, et cetera.
WhatTime is a simple timezone conversion utility.

EoT_table is an accurate table with the equation of time. This is explained in the TZworld page.

NL: Informatie over alle tijzones ter wereld.

Timezones info
The original PDF of this nice timezones map can be found at
the site of the CIA World Fact Book.
See 'References', 'Regional and world maps', 'Standard time zones of the world'.

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