picture of kiwi PE7T versions of 'winkeydaemon'

Install instructions:

  1. Review the default settings inside the file.
  2. Check that you have Perl module Device::SerialPort installed. No warning means OK:
  3. As root user, rename and copy the file to: '/usr/local/sbin/winkeydaemon'
  4. Set (as root user) ownership: 'chown root:root /usr/local/sbin/winkeydaemon'
  5. Make (as root user) the daemon executable with: 'chmod \0755 /usr/local/sbin/winkeydaemon'
  6. Check what groups you are in with: 'groups [your user name]'
  7. Ensure that you are in the group that owns the serial port device file, e.g: 'ls -g /dev/ttyUSB0'
  8. If not, join, log out and log in. Run daemon under your normal user ID.

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