Now that I have made a Quick Change Tool Post, I wanted a knurlig holder that fits directly on it. The design, again, is based on the one from Makoto Ishimura (thanks again).

You can download the drawing as Adobe PDF-file for your own use.
These are the formknurling wheels for 45 degree medium knurling.
Deminsions ar 7.8mm wide, 20mm outside diameter and 6mm inside diameter. They are for sale for just a few euro's.

Scrap material, to be used to make the parts.

This is a way to machine a round end on a bar or piece of flat.
It's a bit tricky; if it slips out of the adjustable spanner, it jams into the mill and you don't want that to happen.

On Makoto's website you can find a movie where he demonstrates this technique.

Finished parts of the knurling holder. Ready to be blackened.

Blakened and assembled.
Note that the adjusting nut is not the same as on the drawing. This one was laying around, so I used it for now. I still plan to make another one, since this one is to small to tighten the arms strong enough.

Knurling Holder