Changing tools and setting up the correct height with a conventional tool post is just a hell of a job. That's why I made this quick change tool post. You can download the drawing as Adobe PDF-file for your own use.

Mr. Ishimura, thanks for the design and making procedure on your website!

Making of the holders.
I machined the dovetail in a 400 mm long bar, then cut it to pieces and finished the holders.
A finished set of holders.
From left to right:
  1. toolholder for threading insert
  2. toolholder for circlip grooving insert
  3. toolholder for lefhand turning
  4. toolholder for right hand turning
  5. toolholder -empty-
  6. toolholder for boring bar
Finished parts for a cut-off toolholder.
The bracket for the height adjustment is already blackened because I made several of those in advance some time ago. The holder itself and the clamping bar still have to be blackened.
See the picture below to get an indication of the cutting tools needed to machine these parts.

These are the cutting tools I needed to machine the parts for the cut-off holder:
  1. 45 degree homemade chamfering mill
  2. 15 degree end mill
  3. 20mm roughing cutter
  4. 30mm homemade fly-cutter
  5. 60 degree dovetail cutter
  6. 2mm t-slot cutter
  7. 10mm 4-flute end mill
  8. 6mm centering drill
  9. 2mm drill
  10. 5.5mm drill
  11. 4.2mm drill
  12. M5 tap
And this is the fully assembled cut-off holder.
Blackened and with the cut-off blade installed.
Quick Change Tool Post