Claudia van Zanten
Nature Photography

Project #StayAtHome
Due to the Corona-pandemic, there is little opportunity to travel. So this year I switched from wildlife photography to landscapes and explored a bit more of my own country! Enjoy this online exhibition!
CVZ7D_20210531-057 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20210530-520 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200907-716 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200905-672 WEB-2.jpg
CVZ7D_20200907-294 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200907-322 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200905-266 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200907-054 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200717-115 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200718-050 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200718-020 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200720-009 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200719-223 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200719-123 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200607-291 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200607-376 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200607-271-Edit WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200430-042 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200430-064 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200430-336 WEB.jpg
CVZ6D_20200417-248 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200417-191 WEB.jpg
CVZ7D_20200407-037 WEB.jpg