A selection of photos taken during my trip to Iceland in winter, Oct/Nov 2014. Some stories about this trip can be found at my travel blog.
CVZ6D_20161228-039 WEB.jpg
CVZ6D_20161227-063 WEB.jpg
CVZ6D_20161226-227 WEB.jpg
CVZ6D_20161226-179 WEB.jpg
CVZ6D_20161226-169 WEB.jpg
CVZ6D_20161226-041 WEB.jpg
CVZ6D_20161224-195 WEB.jpg
CVZ6D_20161224-152 WEB.jpg
CVZ6D_20161224-133 WEB.jpg
CVZ6D_20161224-083 WEB.jpg
CVZ60D_20161228-156 WEB.jpg
CVZ60D_20161227-112 WEB.jpg