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Seabirds in Fowlsheugh

ANT XXVIII/2-cetacean survey on board the RV Polarstern Cape Town-Atka bay Antarctica

Survey Saba bank October 2011 and Cetacean ID workshop December 2012

Blue Whale in Skjalfandi-bay, Iceland

Sweden Long-tailed Skuas in Vindelfjällen, Sweden 2010
German Bight
Porpoise survey Alpha Ventus windpark in the German Bight, April 2009, for Forschungs- und Technologiezentrum Westküste (FTZ)

Whale watching and research on Risso's dolphin, Pico Azores, 2008-2009

A visit to Prague in January 2008

TNASS Trans North Atlantic Sightings Survey, a whale survey summer 2007
Bay of Biscay
Seabirds and cetaceans in the Bay of Biscay

Birds in the Netherlands
Pictures and information on birds in the Netherlands

Seawatching Bloemendaal aan Zee, the Netherlands

Herman Melville: Moby Dick

Welcome to my site.

It  contains a hodge podge of some info and pictures*,
mainly of (sea)birds, cetaceans and trips.

Or maybe it's just about 15 Mb of fame.

The site will be updated every once in a while:  
latest major updates August 2011 Blue Whales in Skjalfandi-bay Iceland,

March 2012 Survey to Antarctica on RV Polarstern.
April 2012 ECS Galway.
December 2012 
Identification of cetaceans in the Dutch Caribbean
Summer 2013 Seabirds in Fowlsheugh, Scotland
December 2013 Aerial survey Dogger Bank
Under construction Aerial survey ABC islands
April 2014 Cape Cod, USA
April 2104
Iceland March 2014
October 2014 Birds in the Netherlands
Under construction March  2015 ANT XXX/2 expedition to Antarctica
Enjoy it!


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Waiting for migration at Kolabacken, Falsterbo. Photo: Berry van der Hoorn www.vogelverhalen.nl

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