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Health Warning  Never travel in uninhabited desert with soft sands and sabkha areas alone. Prepare yourself properly (check out what you need here). Easy from a modern air-conditioned 4WD car, but if that fails you are back to basics! People have been -and will be- killed. Responsibility disclaimer.

Respect Nature  Many visitors have contacted me about the stunning beauty of Oman and the hospitality of its people. Many have also explained that they are worried about the pollution, the waste and garbage, spoiling all of this. Take nothing but photographs, leave only your footprints and help preserving Oman's stunning beauty. 

Help Oman  Keep Oman beautiful. Oman needs to improved regulations with reference to its delicate environment. Your comments in the visitor book can help.

Help Others  Suggestions in the Visitor book. 

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Did you Know?

Trekking,  Climbing and more adventure

The Environment

Oases of Oman

  • Andreas Buerkert and Eva Schlecht 2010. Oases of Oman. Livelihood systems at the crossroads. Al Roya Press & Publishing House Muscat. 
    For me a must have book, slightly heavy written, but with a lot of information supported by great imagery of the wide variety of Oman oases villages.


Oman Weather

  • The best site to check satellite maps
    with weather data on

More about Oman Geology

In the September issue of the PDO magazine "Al Mahal" two contributions on Oman's outstanding geological beauty
(Files in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format)

Selected references on Oman

For Tourist visitor:

  • Peter, J. Ochs II 1998 ‘The Maverick Guide to Oman’,

  • Diana Darke 2000 ‘Discovery Guide to Oman’

  • Hatim Al Taie, John Pickersgill & Nasser Al Taie, 1999 ‘A Comprehensive Guide to the Sultanate of Oman’

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  • Oman Trekking (1st edition, ISBN 976-8162-62-8)

  • Oman Explorer (ISBN 976-8162-07-5)

  • Oman 2 Day; a monthly magazine featuring adventure and leisure in Oman, with maps of greater Muscat area and monthly updates & details on all main hotels and restaurants.

  • Maria Dekeersmaeker , 2011, The DNA of Salalah, Dhofar. A Tourist Guide. Recommendable treasure of information. For sale as e-book at Amazon

Best feel for old and modern times

  • Bertram Thomas, 1938. Arabia Felix. Alden Press, London.

  • James Morris 1957. Sultan in Oman

  • Wilfred Thesinger’s 1959 ‘Arabian Sands’

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  • Bryan Ray, 2008. Dangerous Frontiers. Pen and Sword, Barnsley, UK.

  • Mark Evans and John Smith 2009. Desert Voices. A 28 day Journey through the Empty Quarter of Oman. Al Roya Press and Publishing House, Muscat

  • Klaas Doornbos, 2012. Shipwreck and Survival in Oman, 1763. The fate of the Amstelveen and thirty castaways on the South Coast of Arabia. Published by Amsterdam University Press. In the summer of 1997, in a quaint antique market in southern France, a Dutchman chanced upon a collection of stories in Dutch named Amstelveen. At first he thought it was about the town of the same name in Holland, that he was from, but little did he know that this collection of stories would lead to the revelation of the story of the oldest surviving European account of the desert coast of Oman. See the story in the Week

  • A great collection of photographs from the 1950's 'Blast from the past' by John Ryan posted on Salim Al Harthy's 'Featured Articles' on his website. Oman before the big changes started and in a war that is almost forgotten now. 


  • Nicholas Clapp 1998 ‘The Road to Ubar’, describing the fascinating story of the lost city of Ubar and its link with the ancient frankinsense trade. You should also read its companion book by Fiennes which provides more context of the search itself:

  • Ranulph Fiennes, 1992, 1993. Atlantis of the Sands. Penguin Books, London.

  • The ‘Journal of Oman Studies’ provides a series of papers on Oman’s archaeology and cultural heritage. It is issued by the Historical Association of Oman

  • Geoffrey Bibby’s 1970, 1996,  classic ‘Looking for Dilmun’ (Stacey International, ISBN 0 905743 90 3)

  • Serge Cleuziou, Maurizio Tosi., 2007. In the shadow of the ancestors: The prehistoric foundations of the early Arabian civilization in Oman. Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

  • Publications by Paul Yule "Schriften von Paul Yule zu Arabien" at the University of Heidelberg library in the programme 'Propylaeum-DOK', containing many publications on his archeological work in Oman.

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